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Our aspiring USA student, Philani Simamane, has finally received his confirmation of acceptance and he will be enrolling at Life University in July 2021!

This has been a long road for Philani. He began looking at and applying to universities in the US during the first half of last year but who could have predicted the dramatic turn and uphill battle brought about by the onset of the Covid pandemic.

The last 9 months have been stressful for everyone, including Philani. His USA dreams have been put on hold more than once with the recurring lockdowns and travel bans. US universities have also been affected by closures and the suspension of their student athletic programmes. On more than one occasion Philani was faced with the possibility that his dream to study and play rugby overseas might not happen at all.

Through all of this Philani kept his faith and the belief that good things would be the reward for his patience and perseverance.

Great was the excitement when the formal confirmation of acceptance arrived this week, almost two months since it was posted by the Admissions Office at Life University in Marietta, Georgia!

Granted, the condition of the acceptance letter reflects the ordeal it must have gone through to reach its final destination in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa but its message is clear:

Welcome to life university; home of the Running Eagles!

The support for Philani and his USA dream has been heartwarming to say the least. So many people have reached out with encouragement and to wish him well. Many have also made a financial contribution towards the costs of his first year’s fees.

Philani has offered up one of his prized 1st team school rugby jerseys to as part of his fundraising initiative.

The names of all of the donors who have contributed to his cause are being embroidered on the jersey. 

He is looking forward to taking this keepsake with him when he leaves as a reminder of the love, generosity and support that has made this dream a reality

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