We are about hope

We are about creating and nurturing HOPE. 

We do this by supporting the dreams of boys and girls for better education and a chance to change their circumstances and their futures.  

And we nurture this hope by investing of ourselves. By providing friendship as well as hands-on support, advice, and mentoring. All the while helping them to build their own “social capital” – a collection of skills and a network that they will be able to grow and count on in the future.

The thing with hope though is that it’s easy to have or to feel when you have opportunities and prospects. Too many young people that we know or from our area, within an 80km radius of Pietermaritzburg in KwaZulu Natal, see no hope or future and have no way of lifting themselves out of their challenging circumstances. 

The only way that they can do this is through education, good education. 

Our vision at Sikhona is to provide access to quality education for boys and girls who show the character, drive and ability to succeed academically.

And we remain invested for the long-term.

Our research has shown that most support is applied only for the duration of a beneficiary’s enrolment at an institution, creating unnecessary anxiety and stress for the beneficiary. They worry about “where to from here?” or “what’s next for me?” and many end up overwhelmed by the lack of hope.

Two young alumni from Maritzburg College, who have both been part of our earlier journey, have joined the Sikhona Foundation. Both were recipients of financial support at high school and both struggled to remain hopeful once this support ended.

The commitment and support of others have helped keep hope alive for these two young men and will help many future beneficiaries like them.

Philani’s journey towards a university degree is about to start, and for Thato the end is now in sight thanks to a generous benefactor who has enabled him to register for his final year of study. 

(Read Thato’s latest update)

From 2022 our bursary program will be extended when we add two Grade 4 learners (a boy and a girl) to our Sikhona family. Both will be receiving a bursary to a local school that will provide them with a quality learning experience as well as receiving the support and mentorship they may need.

Most of us live a life of plenty, of abundance. Collectively a small contribution by each one of us can make a big difference in the life of someone else.

By making a donation towards a bursary for a boy or a girl in need you can help create that feeling of hope where previously there may have been nope.

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