From Goldstones to Golden Gate

This year has been an amazing journey for Philani. At times overwhelming and almost always fraught with challenges and lessons learned. 

But, through Grace and Generosity, Philani has persevered and has literally seen his journey go from Goldstones to Golden Gate (and other memorable places along the way)!
Philani is studying hard towards his BSc Exercise Sciences degree at Life University in Marietta (Ga), and he is doing very well! He has earned himself a place in the University’s rugby program as a hard working and capable scrum-half and teammate. He is building a network of friends and followers by being the warm and genuine young man that his parents  taught him to be. And he is working part-time now to pull his own weight when it comes to paying his fees and housing costs.
Philani has more than met his obligation to us. Now, it is our turn to do what we set out to do: continue our support in helping make this young man’s dream come true. 
This month we celebrate Christmas; a time of love, giving and generosity.
It’s as good a time as any to think about how you can help someone less fortunate than yourself this giving season?
Looking ahead to the new year, your Christmas Gift will help support Philani with his tuition costs, housing and meals for the next semester. 
We are looking to raise much-needed funding for Philani’s fees next year and your gift will go a long way in making this a Christmas that he will remember.
Christmas gifts can be made via our cause page, payable either online or via bank deposit.
Thank you for your support this Christmas.

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